vet examining dog in the home

Routine Home Visits

Routine visits to patients in their own homes

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Cats Protection Neutering Scheme

We are proudly supporting the Cats Protection neutering scheme.

Worms, ticks and fleas

We can advise on and provide the best products and routines to keep your pet healthy, happy and free from pests.


We provide all of your dog, cat and other small animal’s vaccinations, including yearly boosters and starter courses for young and rehomed pets.


We provide microchipping for dogs, cats, and other small pets to give you the best possible chance of seeing them again if they are lost.


Castration and spaying for your pet, as well as advice on when and why to perform them.

In-house laboratory

We can analyse our own tests in practice, saving time for you and your pet.


In-house diagnostic facilities to help us to speedily diagnose potential issues in our patients, including x-ray and ultrasound equipment.


We provide 15 minute consultations as standard with our vets and nurses, to make sure you are involved and informed in your pet’s care.

Dental work

Dental care is an important element of pet health, and our vets and nurses are experienced in such issues.

Puppy and kitten packs

Our easy starter packs give you everything you need to welcome your new addition to the family.

Saying Goodbye

We understand how difficult saying goodbye can be, and offer a compassionate end of life service.