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In cases of emergency at all times, call our daytime number on 01736 368768 and there will always be someone available for advice day or night.

CVETS Out Of Hours Service

Here at Regent Court Veterinary Practice we know how important your pets are to you. Unfortunately, just like us, they can have an accident or fall ill at any time day or night, including the hours when we are closed.

That's why we use the dedicated local emergency service CVets. Set up in 2007 by a group of local veterinary surgeons, CVets provides specialist emergency and critical care services in the local area.
They provide the same gold standard veterinary care that we do, but have specialist equipment and skills dedicated to emergency work. An experienced vet and nurse are on site at all times, making sure that even at 3 am, your pet gets the best care possible. If you call us after we have closed for the night or the weekend, our phone will automatically divert to CVets where the experienced staff will answer your call., They are happy to offer advice over the phone where appropriate, or if necessary can see your pet at their purpose built, fully equipped emergency centre.
We believe that using CVets offers our clients the very best in veterinary care. There is no delay in seeing your pet as the travel time to CVets is similar to the time it takes for one of the Regent Court Vets to wake up, dress, gather their thoughts and open up the surgery. Your pets are also being treated by vets and nurses who focus solely on emergency work. Before the advent of CVets emergency cover was provided by the practice vets, who had already worked a full day, and had to be up again the next day fresh and ready for work. This obviously had an impact on our ability to make critical decisions, and affects our work the following day. We also struggled to provide the same level of nursing care during the night that we give through the day, and realise that CVets can monitor and care for in patients much better with their dedicated team.
We work closely with the CVets staff to maintain good continuity and communication with notes being passed over on a daily basis.

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CVETS. Peace of mind for the care of your pet.

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