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Car Parking

We have free car parking behind the practice and have recently improved the parking that we have available so, hopefully, that will be a great help to everyone.

Turn right directly after the practice if approaching from the Promenade and then turn into the first open bay on your right just 20 metres later. 4 parking spaces are provided for your use. If you have difficulty carrying your pet, then please inform us and one of the staff will be more than happy to help you.

Full Surgical Facilities

The practice is able to provide a full surgical service. The facilities allow us to perform a wide range of surgical procedures on pets ranging from small rodents to large breed dogs like St Bernards. The surgery is equipped with modern anaesthetic equipment. We use 'gold standard' drugs for our anaesthesia keeping right up-to-date with the latest advice and recommendations. The patients are monitored 100% of the time during the anaesthetic by one of our qualified veterinary nurses. Your pet's well-being during any surgical procedure is our utmost concern

Full In-House Laboratory

The in-house laboratory is something we have invested in over the last few years to provide exact, detailed and immediate results for our patients. We are able to provide a range of tests from simple skin scrapes and microscopy to detailed and full blood analysis.

Having the facilities in-house allows us to obtain results usually within a few hours and as quickly as 20 minutes in urgent cases so we can respond as soon as possible to critical needs. We run pre-anaesthetic blood testing, geriatric pet profiles, and blood analysis for ill patients helping us diagnose potentially life-threatening conditions.

X-Ray And Ultrasound Imaging Suite

The practice has a state-of-the-art Digital X-ray. The machine enables us to limit the time any animals are under sedation and also optimizes the health and safety within the practice around animals and staff. X-rays can help us with many conditions such as discovering the causes of lameness problems and looking at the chest in pets with heart or breathing problems. The images are great and portable so can be e-mailed and stored electronically. We also have an electronic ultrasound machine which is used for taking images of the abdomen, allowing us to look at the structure of internal organs such as liver, spleen, kidneys and uterus to check for signs of disease and also for pregnancy diagnosis.. These two units allow us to quickly and accurately diagnose problems with your pets

Dentistry Facilities

Dentistry Facilities

As much as 80% of the cat and dog population will potentially have dental problems during their lifetimes. We understand that these patients potentially will need veterinary care. We offer extensive dental care and advice from both the nurses and the vets aiming at helping you prevent dental disease in your pet. In the cases where problems have already started, we have comprehensive dentistry facilities with a high speed, water-cooled drill to ultrasonic scaling and polishing.

Dentistry is a highly specialized skill, particularly when it comes to patients needing extractions. The vets within the practice have taken extra training courses on this subject to ensure that their knowledge and dentistry skills are to a high level.



The practice has an ECG machine which we are able to use during anaesthesia to help us monitor the patient if it is necessary. It allows us to take readings of the heart for patients with heart problems. These can then be analysed to help us potentially decide on suitable medications.

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